Day 4 Asheville, NC

Day Four – Waking up at the mansion in winding brook was a sweet deal! Gotta love sleeping like kings before we are sleeping like pigs. We were late leaving again…this is starting to seem like a reoccuring habit if you ask me! Kelly and Teresa stopped by Freeman screen printers and they baked our

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Day 3 Charlotte, NC

Day Three – Wake up and go to a car cemitery looking like burglers in a rainy day to rip out a new window for the van so we can actually hit the road!!! Boy the adventure just doesn´t quit!!!! So come on with your come on then, let´s do this! We play in Charlotte

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Day Two Durham / Raleigh, NC

Day Two – Durrrr-hammm isn´t that a Turquish Town? Nice to wake up to greasy Bojangle´s biscuits…gotta love that extra extra butter dripping off your mouth boy! Tonight we play at the Pour House in Raleigh, but not before spending a funny production day together!!! By the way, you are awesome Brian, a true champ…

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BerlinLOOPBrasil moves USA

United States of America!! … and we are off, into the promised land! Across the great pond into the land of the brave?! straight from the east, thru the seriously underestimated third world – into the glorious kingdom of capitalism! We got exercise pumps for business ladies with no time to waste… automatic cat poop

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Tonight Concert at the Calaf

Tonight we performed at a nice place in Brasilia called Calaf. The party organizers are friends of ours and we love them for working since years for an interesting cultural scene in Brasilia and abroad. In the beginning of this year we organized 4 great DJ gigs for the DJs and producers of Criolina. They

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O show BerlinLOOPBrasil e Amigos, é uma celebração dos artistas incríveis de Brasília e da arte contemporânea do BerlinLOOPBrasil, com curtas premiados, muita música e a participação dos bailarinos de danças urbanas de Brasília. Querendo invadir a Caixa Cultural com o que temos de melhor estamos unindo forças e somando com nossos amigos para trazer

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BerlinLoopBrasil promotes schwedisch musician in Berlin

Welcome to the world of Waldemaar. In 2008 the swedish journalist, writer & former football professional (Inter Milan), Martin Bengtsson, moved to Berlin to sing & record songs. Waldemaar was born/created one night in July and is a product of punk ideals, love, hyperactive interest in citys & shadow boxing. Summer 2009 he released his

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UNIVERSO PARALELLO 2010 10th Edition

The San Franciscan summer of love of the late 60’s planted a seed of love and peace in the heart of thousands of people. Exactly 10 yrs ago a group of young, driven art-loving, novelty seeker friends gathered in the heart of Brasil to celebrate the New Year. And then..Universo paralello was born. Believing and

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Brasília at night

Brasília Center Town at Night · We are glad that the nights are so beautiful in Brasilia. Here at the center of town a great event took place at the national gallery.

New Office opens up in Berlin

At the next weekend we are gonna open a new place for creation and work at the german capital, Berlin. Together with a team of graphic designers, film makers, web programmers and photographers we share our know how and working space. We have a trick film studio, a dark room and all we need to

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